Monday, March 21, 2011

Open Shop report - Mon 21st MArch 2011

Our first springtime shop of the year brought in mild temps and mild-mannered riders.
Laurie brought in a bike for tuning and turned out he knew a Co-Op member who vols on Wimmen's nites and said his house had another 3-4 bikes that are in need- he helped sweep up the shop in our spirit of "you give you get".

Carl, Will and Deana showed up as well as Dave M to work on his rear gears, and we had a regular visitor who scored a Gary Fisher off Craig's list for FREE - lucky bugger!

Shop got cleaned but the Bike room is looking a mess ... again, we need to really decide on how much work is needed before throwing them in the back room.

Also it looks like Timmy left his bike on the rack-hope it stays there !

that's about it.

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