Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday June 13 2012

This June ide Wednesday saw again many flock to the bike coop.

Cory was first to show and again extremely helpful to arrivals.

Rosy and Job helped out through the night as well.

Many many projects. It was one of those nights.

Tyler freed a seized stem. Liberty!

Xing Xing brought some sweet sesame goodies. So nice! She then trued a wheel!

Me and Harold resolved to meet at the coop next Saturday, June 23, at 12:30pm for a long ride to a swimming spot in Savage MD. If it isn't called off by rain...the ride will be tough. But the reward at the end is worth it -A swim near Patuxent River rapids and the ruins of an old mill, happens at a place us ol' Laurelites called The Rocks.

There will be hydrating and food acquiring opportunities along the way, and at the destination.

This is a very social event. Surely, there will be many groups of families and friends enjoying the river by the time we get there, as many folks gather at this spot every weekend through the summer.

Gather 12:30pm at 3601 Bunkerhill, If it's raining, we'll decide if we'll continue, or call it off.
Depart 1pm
Ride in much shade on hot solstice day for 2.5 hours
Arrive (by) 4pm -Savage Rocks
Depart (by)7pm
Ride back exhausted and surprised that you'd even ride after all that
Arrive (by)10pm 3601 Bunkerhill Rd