Monday, April 11, 2011

FullMoonRide SundayApril17th

Join us at the bike coop at 7pm with your bike this Sunday the 17th. Bike not up to speed? Definitely bring it! We'll get it better before we leave.

This Sunday there appears to be a window of clear sky and, under the full moon, we like to ride together in the park after dark. It could be as cold as 45 degrees! So act like its February and you'll probably be alright. Bring food and drink, so we can enjoy a full on night time picnic. Not that we'll necessarily need it, but bring your U-locks too, so we can put on a game of horseshoes...a game of (bike-lock) horseshooooees!

Report back! 
We gathered at 7 at the bike coop. Dave, Scott, Mario, Amy, Sonya, Matt, Mike, Elizabeth and the moon! We left a little after 8, making our way down 38th towards the Cottage Terrace entrance of the trail. There, especially when passing teh drainage pond amphian chorus near the railroad and cottage terrace, one feels how close rural avenues can actually be in our urban arena.

We made our way to Lewisdale on the Northwest Branch Trail and had our little dinner picnic of pasta, bread and cheese, popcorn and pear. Then we hammered straight handle bars on loan from the coop into the mud and tossed our u-locks for a game of bikelock horshoes. Dave Cahill tossed the only ringer, and we produced a silly title for him before packing it up and riding south to our familiar hills. The moon cast a pale yellow light that the clouds could play with.

Mario got praised from an enthused motorist as we crossed Queens Chapel, and we were all home at about 10:30pm.

We meet at the bike coop at 7 on teh night of the full moon every month. Join us!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Criminal Law-Vehicular Manslaughter HB363

First, while I did not have the opportunity to ride with you all I was able to stop at John's Grand Opening - you guys have done a smashing job and I am proud to know you. Further, thanks for the birthday wishes and cake.

I am writing because as you know, we will have our hearing for the Vehicular Manslaughter Bill on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. I know that many are the commitments of life and I would like to offer the following:

For those who cannot get there on Wednesday, if you send me your testimony of support for the bill (Criminal Law-Vehicular Manslaughter HB363) with the name of your group or your name and contact information, I am offering to print the required 20 copies and submit them on your behalf.

We have encountered resistance to passage of this bill by at least one or perhaps two Senators (Ramirez of PG County and Senator Frosh of Montgomery County). 

Wouldn't it be so cool if i was able to take five or ten sets of testimony with me? 

Maybe that will help the Senate side to see the light - how can we want an improved quality of life but our elected officials who determine our financial fate also determine whether we can safely ride, walk or use the same resources as cars, trucks, suvs and mini-vans?

I need your testimony by 7:00 PM Tuesday evening so that I can print and staple copies. If you need to call me - 240-271-2915.

Kenniss Henry