Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Full Moon, Another Full Moon Ride!

To be basic, the MRBC Ride Coordinators want you to equate a full moon with a fun free gathering in our neighborhood...on bikes. On the night of a full moon, there will be a gathering at 7pm. Canceled only if raining at 7.

The next full moon falls on a Saturday! March 19th is squeezed in between St Patty's Day and the Equinox, so it could be a festive feeling warm night.

Last time we gathered, we were a little too many to all find a place to sit in Franklin's. We split into groups and ended up regrouping at a little house party. This time, we want to accommodate all and officiate an end point. So, bring your dinner. This time we'll picnic together where the moon takes us, outside of establishments and free to not spend money. To keep it fun for everyone, we won't go too far or too fast and we'll be back at the CoOp by 11pm, if not earlier.