Friday, October 28, 2011

Ode To Aaron Benko

What wisp, thine blonde stache graces the grit of wit hardened rocky top mountain oak
of such able root.

Swelling hearts who impress before the capacity of such a southern chestnut.

Lofted high up, so high one laughs to look! Too, Benko does a Benko laugh then with you!

The Benko jolly, gut quaking chuggle, alerts nervous game what's becoming
of the shaking mountain chestnut oak -their rich and rare fruit, now enchantingly littered about..

Eating of Benko chuggles, birds think less of winter's bite, and squirrels think as the deer are thinking, that they might too be birds!

When you find a queer huddle in the wilderness, of birds moving together with the deer and the squirrel, all of them forgetting their roles and all of them flying like slow birds, as fat happy chicks with a vulture gait, moving west through cold mountains but spellcast in amusement, they may have been eating of Benko chuggles.

Thank you, Aaron, for your giving presence!
Thank you for nourishing Mt Rainier Bike CoOp for 4 years!
Enjoy that air of the Rockies!