Wednesday, March 23, 2011

34 riders turn out for another full moon ride

Saturday, March 19th, 32 riders assembled at the coop with their bikes and picnic goods. Many stickers were distributed and acquaintances made as we waited for the dark towards 8, a red hot perigee moon emerging from the horizon past the fire station. We started north on 36th street, then cut over to 38th street to take the trail there. The moon above water is a very rewarding scene to ride in. Magic is had in Brentwood. 2 more riders joined on the trail, making us 34 rider blinky light parade seem like a clicking swarm of giant fireflies. 34! 34 people chose to gather with neighbors and strangers to picnic in the dark and ride under the moon, for free! We passed the amphibian amphitheater, a spot where you can hear several kinds of frogs and toads croaking free near the trail. After passing over the bridge of Bladensburg Waterfront park, we enjoyed a picnic under the moon with the caboose and we were visited by a passing train. We rode back to the coop and ended our short gathering by 10.
See you at the next Full Moon gathering...on bikes! Sunday April 17th, 7pm.

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