Sunday, March 6, 2011

MD Bike Symposium connections

Back to February 22 in Annapolis, the MD Bike Symposium. Among the few dozen people who'd made the trek to MD's decision center, were us two bike coop enthusiasts, Kenniss Henry of Cheverly, and some people from College Park. The other bike coop enthusiast did go on to a planning meeting the next day to support biking space be made around Capitol Heights Metro Station, particularly from Watt's Branch trail to near his garage on East Capitol Street, Maryland Park Bicycles. A good success! Anyway, Prince Georges County had a strong presence in pieces. Energy focused on rte one through College Park, I soon found, is being collected on this interesting website:
A contributor of the blog connected me to another enthusiast of the blog who lives in Mt Rainier. Today we met and shared some time and words. We have an affinity for making the town scape one for biking, strolling, connecting and foraging.
Josh commutes from Union Station to Largo MD. He chooses a variety of difficult pg county roads to take. Friday 3.5, Josh's Commute Ride was quickly and quietly organized to quench a desire to increase in number this regular, lone venture of a MRBC rider. We met at Union Station, stopped by the coop, then continued down rte 202 going by through Cheverly and Landover. 202 was dark and wide with lanes. There were many hills, a few small a few tall. Traffic was all auto and fast. Strip malls and gas stations much of the way. Fast cars, curb debris, strip malls...

Weird art at union station. Weird is nourishing at union station. 

End point, at one among an ocean of strip malls. This one has a starbucks that is said to attract Jack Johnson and for a short time, Michael Steele.