Thursday, April 19, 2012

wednesday april 18

A wet Wednesday night meant a small turn out.

Hyattsville Harold did come in to work on his wheel. He had a lot of help from Rosey -a newer volunteer who has been nothing but extremely helpful to the operation on Wednesday nights.

Xingxing dropped in to cheerfully announce she is riding her bike and is new to town, then ask if any of us don't eat eggs because she'd like to make some banana pancakes and share them with us. She did reappear with them 30 minutes later! So kind!

Dave came in and helped Josh R with a derailleur problem.

Job also was in place, attending to his wheel.

Elizabeth dropped off some volunteer hour log sheets, where we can write down who was in on what day and how many hrs they've put in. It helps us see who is helping out a lot. It takes three months of one helping in the operation of the space -not on their own bikes/projects- to be able to be considered as a volunteer -at least 2hrs/month.

Good night of kicking it. While not running back and forth this night, I actually got to write up a tag and tinker with a donated cannondale. It's good to have a nice bike to offer to the peops.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Open Shops

As spring is here and people are getting their bikes out to ride, please note we are hosting more Open Shops now.

As of this SUN 15th and for the first 4 Sunday of every month Will McK will be hosting.
Also, we will be restoring Wimmen's Night on the 3rd THUR of the month, for the spring and summer months, starting on the 19th April.
Don't forget we also do another monthly shop on the last SAT from 10:30am-1pm

As ever, please check the calendar as being 100% volunteers, we sometimes can't always make it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

April Full Moon Ride

The mild weather encouraged a good turnout of around 20+ riders from H St to Annapolis, some new & some familiar, as we headed out onto the Anacostia River trails.

Stopping first at Bladensburg waterfront, where we had to fix a loose chain that kept popping off a child's bike, we then headed out to Lake Artemesia, near College Park passing the Aviation Museum & landing strip on the way. A night of lots of punctures for a few riders but all made it back safely and a couple were directed to the Metro to get back home.

See you next Full Moon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Open Shop Mon 2nd April

Another busy night but with the help of Rosy & our new volunteer Laura, we got everyone taken care of, well, almost ...

One recalcitrant seat post defeated the combined effort of Brian, & pals Mitch & Jonathon, who were visiting the co-op for the first time and enjoyed their night volunteering. Brian (et al) may look to help out once a month or so... welcome guys.

Laura spend time getting to know the joys or adjusting old-style brakes, cutting cable housing and replacing cables and did an outstanding job. Hopefully her first volunteering night will not scare her off ;-)

16 unanswered phone messages were also responded to, but need to follow up on some of them.
Don't forget Fri's FULL MOON RIDE - meet at 7pm and leave by 7:30pm - weather is looking good.