Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday 3.28.12

Busy night. Josh R helped open and get a tube patched on a neighbors bike, her Dad offering donation for/and walking out with a Murray mountain bike.

John Periwinkel stepped in and helped out through the night. Bill Root too. Scot Wilson tended to his ride. We had other folks patching, overhauling all over the place.

Another donation was made to the city. Gearing up for a Spring order from J&B.

A nice new sign on the door states our hours incorrectly, nothing a pencil can't solve.

Many many many bikes are cluttered through the stock room. Bikes stored behind the coop are taken, so it's understandable that bikes with potential would be stuffed in the stock room.

What if we created an incentive for volunteers to upgrade our immense stock of bikes w potential?
-Mike Turner