Thursday, June 14, 2012

6/23 12:30pm, Summer Solstice Ride To Ruin 2012!

Consider riding 2.5 hrs north to picnic and swim in a river near ruins of a mill, then ride back.

Saturday June 23
12:30p Gather Mount Rainier Bike Coop, 3601 Bunkerhill RD
1:00p  depart (2-3 hr ride will stop 2-3 times for water, food, any needed rests)
4:00p  arrived at Savage Rocks
7:00p  departed back
10:00p arrived at Mt Rainier Bike Coop


Why a very strenuous ride in summer heat? You'd be surprised how far you can go on your bike if you haven't surprised yourself already. This ride has scant hills through a mostly shaded route! This ride happens 2 days from the Summer Solstice and there will be as much daylight (til almost 9) to use on the return trip.

Chinese Elm down on 38th at Utah Ave, Brentwood, MD. June 22 2012 Downburst/Microburst. We few still wanted to ride.

Caitlin, Roopa, Harold, Tim, Winnie. 38th at Bunkerhill RD.

Rob. U.S.1 North at BunkerHill RD, Brentwood MD
Rob, Winnie, Katie, Tim, Harold, train. Anacostia Trail Eastern Branch. Edmonston, MD.

Caitlin, Katie, Winnie, Rob, Roopa, Tim, Harold. Anacostia Trail Eastern Branch. Riverdale, MD.
Harold, Caitlin, Katie, TIm, Rob, Roopa, Winnie. Cherrywood Lane, turning left/north at Rte201. Greenbelt, MD.
Rte 201 north, Beltsville, MD.
We saw trees down from Mt Rainier to Riverdale, but all points north looked like they didn't get the tree-ripping storms the night before.
Montpelier Swimming Pool, Cederbrook Lane, Laurel, MD. Water fountain! Friendly staff!
Brock Bridge RD north. Laurel, MD.

La Campechanita arrives before the explorer like an oasis of sweet ice on a hot day of riding in the sun of Brock Bridge RD in Maryland City/Laurel, MD.

Gorman RD., east. Savage, MD.

Gorman RD. Savage, MD.
A path to the swim spot through mill ruins.

Through the woods. Patuxent River at Savage, MD.

north/west/upstream along the Patuxent River, Savage MD. Woods cleared and larger open path developed since 2010.

Striking Azul Harold. Savage, MD.

In the Patuxent River. Savage, MD.

Patuxent Picnic. Winnie and Rob joined by Mick.

Roopa, Caitlin, Winnie, Harold, Tim, and Rob heading homewards south on Brock Bridge RD by the Laurel Park stables. Katie got a ride to Baltimore from Savage. Smart planning!

Before a delightful mess of fireflies along the Anacostia Trail, we viewed Baltimore Washington Blvd, U.S. Rte1 through Beltsville, from a hilltop of Old Baltimore Pike east of the railroad in Beltsville. It looks like Old Baltimore Pike and (newer)Rte1 used to be a connected road in the past. The railroad severs the seeming connection, now.