Saturday, September 17, 2011

Theresa, Sophie, Elizabeth, with (Eye)ST and 5th NW's bike shop & social space BicycleSPACE headpedaler and route leader, Phil Koopman. 

Here, we are outside MD Parks new MD Park Bicycles, Crown/MD Park St at Central Ave..near Capitol Hieghts. A space having long-stayed in the operations of the family of local owner, John Epps. Epps is an influential cycling advocate for the immediate area. 

Natasha Pettigrew Memorial 2011 -Largo, MD
We are somebody, and this is the place to be.
Or spaces are going to be sane, if we stick to it. A way to get the sane place: We'll use our strengths to help the more vulnerable get to where they want to be. Build space for the presence of vulnerability. Solidarity. Bikes are vulnerable ones in the space of mobility. Peds are more vulnerable. Imagine traveling to your grocery store in a wheelchair. 

Look after your neighbors. See where they want to go.

Natasha Pettigrew Memorial 2011
Largo, MD.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

America's oldest interstate, U.S. Route One. We can do better than this! State Highway Administration, this road is highly populated with people and their destinations. It needs to accommodate all travelers, not just motorists! Build space for children to walk to school, people in wheelchairs to get to the bus, neighbors to walk to their 7-11, and commuters to ride bikes on our practical choice road. Our avenues need to lend priority to the most vulnerable, not the other way around. Then maybe there will be less than 35,000 motor-vehicle-related deaths per year in this country.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're all pedestrians. Many of us are motorists as well as cyclists. A reminder arrived today from the discussion between two cycling, motoring pedestrians and another motoring pedestrian: It works best when, at every stage of mobility or status, we all keep our eyes out for the most vulnerable. Vulnerability is appreciated, in this intimate/engaged and lively world we're working to create. We can just continue to pass each other, and race to the next red light..or we can ask the next one if we can help them get to their point B. They might say, "Build me a bike lane on Re1!"

Friday, September 2, 2011

Apex ( will charge you just five extra dollars to stow your bike on an inexpensive bus ride to NY, Philly, even ATL. They need to put that info on their website, though.