Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Open Shop Mon 2nd April

Another busy night but with the help of Rosy & our new volunteer Laura, we got everyone taken care of, well, almost ...

One recalcitrant seat post defeated the combined effort of Brian, & pals Mitch & Jonathon, who were visiting the co-op for the first time and enjoyed their night volunteering. Brian (et al) may look to help out once a month or so... welcome guys.

Laura spend time getting to know the joys or adjusting old-style brakes, cutting cable housing and replacing cables and did an outstanding job. Hopefully her first volunteering night will not scare her off ;-)

16 unanswered phone messages were also responded to, but need to follow up on some of them.
Don't forget Fri's FULL MOON RIDE - meet at 7pm and leave by 7:30pm - weather is looking good.