Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday Open Shop Recap

Busy open shop at the coop last night.

Here's what went on:

Yerodin replaced the crank on his bike.
Rudy came in to buy a road bike, but couldn't find a small frame road bike. He's going to stop by next week after the next shipment from UMD.
Peter came in to do a spoke replacement, and is now planning on building some wheels of his own.
Dan came in to fix up a vintage Columbia road bike.
Matt came in to do some work on his road bike, and now has a functional front derailleur.
Jose came in to fix a flat.
Drokil came in to fix a flat.
Scott came in to work on his bike, trying to get rid of a gear skipping problem on the small cogs of his freewheel.
Ji Chen and his dad came in to buy a bike, and rode off with a nice purple Fuji.

In terms of volunteers, Dave Cahill was around for almost the whole night and was a great help, especially with getting the purple Fuji ready for sale. Dave MacMillan also came by and made progress in getting another bike ready for sale. Yerodin, Dan, and Peter all signed on to the Coop email list, so hopefully we'll see them around as volunteers!

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