Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday May 16 2012

Started out easy with one visitor, Brentwood Mike. He brought a loose bottom bracket he wanted to correct. We started getting into it.

Thankfully, Bo and Rosy came through because the crowd ebbed right up, flesh and steel in the warm sun all over the front yard again.

Augustus brought a donation cruiser, then stayed to the end to help some folks out in the yard. That help is very much appreciated, generous Augustus!

Marty came in and helped out a lot.

Xing Xing came with gifts again! Josh R's daughter has a BDay soon, and XingXing has something for it! She worked on her ride some, too.

The alarm downstairs decided to let us know it works. I entered the off code several times, but it kept singing. I just let it rip and waited for the police, talking to Mike Gumpert and getting into his tire.

Evan Wilder came in and dealt with MRPD, freeing me up to dance around to different projects like Brentwood Mike's difficult bottom bracket cup....we got it!

The Bunkerhill couple with a puegot and it's derailleur.

Fred and a donation for a bike.

Dave Mac fixing his tire. 

It got to be a rocking night! It was a good night for me. Thanks to all who helped one another get mobile tonight!

                                             NOW, SOME CHUCK BROWN!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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