Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday 3.14.12

Mike Turner opened up a little early for a change, showing the place to his visiting cousin, Paul, who helped turn a few wrenches himself.

Three operations quickly commenced outside. John Stith was figuring his rear derailleur. Ebrehem, and Josh were cranking out there, too.

Roopa came in to eliminate a squeak in her pedal cranking. We removed the cranks and the bottom bracket seemed smooth enough, so we put it back together and the squeaking was still there! The petals seem fine. Looking forward to figuring it out.

Grady came in to true his wheel.

Argentina George came in to replace brake cable, replace housing, and we trued his rear wheel a little bit which produced that jolt of liberation that happens when someone learns the incredibly accessible physics of wheel truing!

Job's coworker from the pet store came through to see what beach cruisers are available.

John Periwinkel came in with two German friends and was incredibly helpful to the shop for the 2 hours.

Dave Cahill dropped in and was incredibly helpful as Union Station Jenn came in to try out and offer a nice-sized donation for the sweet relaxed old orange road bike with cruiser bars.

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