Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday 2.29.12

Tonight Carl joined us again, helping out on a Wednesday. He brought in a co-worker who bought 2 bikes!

Job came in and helped out through the night. Josh R., too.

The two of them hit the road earlier in the week, going to Largo and back for fun.

Job: "it all started when Job was coming home from Home Depot after busting his butt. I ran into you guys. First I ran into Adam at Home Depot -just leaving. "

Then he ran into Josh. After talking about wild pigs in Watkins Park, Josh convinced him to go on that "heck" of a ride.

Job said yes! So the journey began!

What did the ride to Largo bring to you?
Job: I learned that 202 was the road that the British took to burn the white house 200 years ago, and all kinds of other enlightenment's.

Did you know we rode to Mitchelville?! Everything is so close! It was...crazy dude! Just talking about it makes me want to go riding!

What did you say about the metro?
Job: Did you know it takes longer to get to Mitchelville on the metro than riding?

and this ends this leap year interview..

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